Clear Messaging on Instagram and Approaching Amazon with Makieda of SGT Hart's BBQ Sauce

Sgt Hart BBQ Sauce

In this episode, we're so excited to have an on-air coaching call with Makieda Hart of SGT Hart's BBQ Sauce, where she shares the story of her family's BBQ sauce recipe and having brought her product to market (at time of recording only 9 months ago) in June 2018. In this episode, we venture into product strategy from Amazon to Instagram - the importance of simple engagement and brand messaging, as she moves into sharing her family's BBQ sauce with the world.

SGT Hart's BBQ Sauce is a veteran-owned family business with a recipe created by Makieda's husband, Reno Hart (retired Army SGT), who created the recipe in 1998 at a gathering with some military friends and their families after running out of BBQ sauce on a Sunday in Germany. In this episode, we answer: how can Makieda more effectively tell the story of SGT Hart's BBQ Sauce to better engage her customers and grow her business?

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