How to Approach Live Video with Intention and Ease with Tiffany Lee Bymaster aka Coach Glitter

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This week, we have a very special episode with Live video guru Tiffany Lee Bymaster, also known as Coach Glitter and she walks us through how to create content for your live videos that will make your audience get to know, LOVE and trust you faster to increase the profitability of your product-based business.

NOTE: We're jumping on-board this video train with you! Jacqueline and Minna record this podcast episode LIVE on Facebook and this episode is the audio pulled from there. Because here's the thing: we're putting ourselves out there too - with you. And, video is SO important and cannot be ignored, but intention is key. In this video mini-series, brought to you by Creative Pencil Studio, we look at the different video strategy approaches for physical product businesses to help you think about what video plan is right for you and your business growth.

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This week's episode with Coach Glitter is all about being the face of your brand in your live videos and connecting with your audience. Next week, we chat with Creative Pencil Studio if you are NOT the face of your brand and what strategies could work, so stay tuned!


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