Creative Launch Summit


Minna here. I'm so excited to be part of the Creative Launch Summit as a breakout session speaker this upcoming June 8th - 11th . It's a 4-day virtual event with 40+ expert creative business strategists, marketers and coaches sharing their expertise on launching: 

  • launching your business,
  • launching your next product or service,
  • launching your 2018 finances and,
  • launching your very first (or more productive and effective) email funnel.

WOWZAS. It's in its second year and it's totally FREE. You should sign up! Check it out here.

 I'll be speaking about Nurture Sequences for Product-Based Businesses (whoop-whoop!) It's a strategy that can be used for service-based too. I talk about tapping into your customers' emotions. Come hang with me! 

xo, M