We would love to work with you!

 here are the ways to work with us:

Work in a 2:1 Strategy Session

In this 60-minute session, where you’ll work directly with Jacqueline and Minna, the experts behind The Product Boss Podcast. They bring their range of expertise from both their backgrounds and help you dig into 1-3 big topics. The call is also recorded for you to go back and listen. $550 for a 60-minute session. Learn more about our 2:1 Strategy Sessions.

Work in a 1:1 Strategy Session

This is a 60-minute session working directly with Jacqueline Snyder, Co-Owner, The Product Boss; Owner, Designer Consulting Coop. Jacqueline is a start-up expert and has helped over a thousand brands launch their businesses. We suggest focusing on 1-3 big topics in the call. The call is also recorded for you to go back and listen. $297 for a 60-minute session. Sign up for a 1:1 Strategy Session with Jacqueline.

Join our Mastermind for Product Business Owners

This is our year-long of coached mastermind groups, where 8-10 product business owners work directly with both Jacqueline and Minna in hot seats and bi-weekly sessions. Every call is recorded and groups are arranged specifically by Jacqueline and Minna according to needs and business level. The Product Boss Masterminds only open twice a year: August (to start in September); January (to start in February). We highly recommend signing up for the waiting list and getting notification of when they open. The masterminds are a fantastic way to get coaching and build connections with fellow product bosses, along with creating accountability and focus for your business. Learn more about our Mastermind or sign up now for our Mastermind Waiting List.

Looking for a product biz course instead?

If you’re looking for a more do-it-yourself approach rather than direct coaching from us, check out our course, Multi-$tream Machine, where we teach you how to get your product onto more platforms, make more sales and make more profit. The next time we open up access to Multi-$tream Machine in October 2019. Learn more here and get on the notification list.