multiple six-figure to seven-figure product-based mastermind

You started a product-based business and have grown it to a multiple six-figure to seven-figure business.

Are you ready to stop doing everything in your business and shift to your role as CEO? Are you an action-taking business owner? Are you looking for an intimate mastermind setting among your peers?


You are Incredible!

Business is booming. And, right now, you don't necessarily need more sales.

But, what you do need is: more time, more help, and better systems

We’ve seen that rapidly growing your high-level business requires the support in these areas: buying back your time, assessing your systems to scale and setting up a successful team - all while keeping your sanity.

Yes, I want to…

💥have more time with my family and friends

💥stop doing everything in my business and start delegating

💥get support from Product Bosses at the same level of business

💥 set my business up to work without me in the day-today

💥 stay focused and work Strategically + creatively

💥 become the C.E.O. of this incredible business I have built


Eight Reasons You Should Join The Top…

it includes these amazing things…



Be a part of a 6-month program and curated group of 8-10 fellow product-based business owners at the same stage of business looking to generate more sales. Minna and Jacqueline will lead the calls and help you set goals and check in with your progress.


hot seat calls

Your group will have two calls per month (90-minutes each) held online and recorded. The "Hot Seats" are facilitated by product experts Jacqueline and Minna and feedback is provided by your group and coaches. We help shortcut your struggles in order to accelerate your growth in a group setting where great minds come together to work on your business. *December will include only one call with a break to implement and crush your Holiday Sales.



These are 60-minute sessions to ask questions pre-submitted to Jacqueline and Minna that might pop up in day-to-day business decisions. These Office Hours are combined sessions that are open to everyone that is currently in The Product Boss Programs, making it a great way to hear various Q&As and connect virtually.



We are right there with you! Jacqueline and Minna are both juggling two booming businesses each, along with juggling our young families and personal development. The Top is a true mastermind of peers, facilitated by us, and heavily focused on creating a bond of peer support. The Top masterminders will be invited to join select conferences and events we will also attending. You’ll get the peek into our schedules and the types of events we plan on going to. Should you attend, we’ll also be hosting meet-ups, drinks, and dinners to connect on a deeper level (in-person!) with this inner circle of The Top masterminders.



These are in-depth monthly trainings via video led by Jacqueline and Minna or other industry experts. We unpack questions and topics that come up in calls that need to be addressed more thoroughly and follow up with tactics to implement these strategies.



Exclusively for your group, the private Facebook group is our "home base" for connecting, encouragement, additional support, collaborations, Q&A, announcements, file uploads, and updates.



Feedback is so important. If you need feedback, pick two things you would like us to review over the course of the program, such as your website, line sheet, booth set-up, etc. We will review it and send back a video with Jacqueline and Minna’s feedback. We know it is impossible to build a business in a vacuum and we are here to offer expert advice and constructive criticism to ensure you’re presenting your business in the best possible way and that you are on your way to building the business you want.



We will offer you access and introductions to our preferred service providers, templates, tools, training, and courses during your time in the program. If we have something or someone that will help your business we will provide it. No more googling or confusion, your Mastermind and Coaches are here to offer you shortcuts and referrals that can help you take action and move forward in your business.



How would it feel if you were surround by your peers of high-level product-based business owners?

The struggles of a multiple 6-Figure to 7-figure business owner are different than any other. It oftentimes includes protecting the time of the CEO, along with growing sales and optimizing internal business systems. What does your life look like as you step into your role as CEO? Are you growing the business you want to create for the life you want? Are you getting the support you need? The Top was created as a true mastermind. Facilitated by Jacqueline and Minna, this is an intimate setting among peers who not only help each other tackle high-level tasks, but encourage and advise each other on necessary business operations and strategic scaling.

Enrollment is currently closed for The Top.




This is for you if:

✔️ Your Business is earning a minimum of $150,000 in revenue for at least one year

✔️ You feel like you have no time left in your day

✔️ You are managing a team of one to many and need support managing and growing your team

✔️ You are looking to hire the “right” people to scale your business and buy back your time.

✔️ You are looking for a group of women that “get it” and understand the highs and lows of running a small product-based business.

✔️ You are ready to become the leader your company needs.

✔️ You are committed to showing up for our calls and supporting your group while making big changes in your business.

✔️ You are open to advice and coaching and are no longer willing to stay stuck in your ways.

This is not for you if:

You are not consistently making over $12,000 a month on average in revenue.

You are not committed to showing up for our calls and supporting your group. (We get things may come up, you are running a thriving biz, but we expect you to be there the majority of our meetings.)

You are not open to coaching.

You are considering closing your business and this group would act as your “hail mary”.

We want you to join us! Let’s build together!


Enrollment is currently closed for The Top.


FAQ’s about The Top

Who is this program for? The Top is a small, intimate mastermind group for female product-based business owners with yearly revenue of six-figures to seven-figures.

When do we start and meet? Our Mastermind will begin the week of September 18th and your call will either be on Wednesdays or Thursdays at 11-12:30pm EST or 1:30-3pm EST. (Once groups are formed, we will decide which timeblock works best for the group.)We meet 2 times a month for 1.5 hours to engage in supportive conversation about our businesses, strategies, and goals.

Where do we meet? Meetings are held virtually via Zoom, a video conference app, so you can participate from anywhere in the world. We have had clients participate from all over the world. Calls are recorded in case you are unable to make a call.

Do I get business coaching? Yes. The Top is coached by both Jacqueline Snyder and Minna Khounlo-Sithep, Co-Founders of The Product Boss and Product-Based Business Coaches. All members are given the opportunity to have a “Hotseat” where Jacqueline and Minna will coach you with feedback, strategies, and ideas acting as a “visionary” for your business.

Who else is in the coaching calls? Your fellow members of The Top will be alongside you. Each participant will be a product-based business at a similar stage of business so that your group understands exactly what you are “dealing with” right now.

The Product Boss podcast

Hey There!

Jacqueline and Minna here.

Co-Founders and Co-Hosts of The Product Boss Podcast.

We met in early 2017 and quickly became Biz Besties over the need and want to find a fellow Product-Based Entrepreneur that spoke the same language and just “got it”.

In the fall of 2017, we launched our first Mastermind/Group Coaching Program dedicated to fellow Product-Based Businesses.

Since then we have been able to work with hundreds of fellow Product Business owners around the world and help them create a clear strategy to gain more visibility and sales thereby increasing their yearly revenue.

You get the benefit of not one but two coaches by working with us. Between the two of us we have expert knowledge that spans traditional ways of selling like wholesale and in-person to new ways such as Amazon and subscription boxes.

Join us so that we can build your business, together!

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DM us on instagram @theproductboss

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