designed for Product-Based Business owners in idea to startup stage

You Have an Amazing Idea and You Need Advice and Guidance to Get Your Business Up And Running, Fast.

Are you a new product-based entrepreneur with an idea that you want to see come to life? Are you either in the ideation phase or development phase? Do you want to create your product-based business in the next six months? If so, welcome to The Start.

We want to help you Minimize the learning curve and get your product to market with step-by-step guidance and action.

Let’s build together!

We all know there can be costly "newbie" mistakes that come within the startup stage of creating physical product business. It happens! Having the right coach, the right advice, and a group of supportive product-based business owners can be the game-changer that helps it grow from the very beginning. We’re excited to offer you: The Start, it’s our 6-month group coaching program, led by Jacqueline, that helps you gain clarity and focus as you create a solid plan (and take action) on your concept, customer, product, and goals in idea to startup stage.

Yes, I want to…

💥 Start and Grow my Business “The Right Way”

💥 get Guidance As i Figure Out #Allthethings my business needs

💥 have a coach who Offers me Strategy And Ideas

💥 get Support From Other Product Bosses At The Same stage

💥 stay focused and work Strategically + creatively

💥 achieve big goals alongside Like-Minded Entrepreneurs


Seven Reasons You Should Join The Start…

it includes these amazing things…



Be a part of a 6-month program and exciting group of fellow product-based business owners within the first years of business looking to generate more sales. Jacqueline will lead the calls and help you set goals and check in with your progress.


hot seat calls

Your group will have two calls per month (90-minutes each) held online and recorded. The "Hot Seats" are coached by product startup expert Jacqueline Snyder. We help shortcut your struggles in order to accelerate your growth in a group setting where great minds come together to work on your business. *December will include only one call with a break to implement and crush your Holiday Sales.


Co-Working Sessions

You are not alone! Every week we do not have hotseat calls we will offer a 2-hour (optional) virtual coworking session hosted by one of our Mastermind Alumni. This will be a place we welcome you all to dedicate time to work on your business and have your group there to support you. If you have time set aside you will get a lot done.



These are monthly in-depth trainings via video led by Jacqueline and Minna or other industry experts. We unpack questions and topics that come up in calls that need to be addressed more thoroughly and follow up with tactics to implement these strategies.



These are 60-minute sessions to ask questions pre-submitted to Jacqueline and Minna that might pop up in day-to-day business decisions. These Office Hours are combined sessions that are open and optional to everyone that is currently in The Product Boss Programs, making it a great way to hear various Q&As and connect virtually.



Exclusively for your group, the private Facebook group is our "home base" for connecting, encouragement, additional support, collaborations, Q&A, announcements, file uploads, and updates.


Real Feedback x 2

Feedback is so important. If you need feedback, pick two things you would like us to review over the course of the program, such as your website, line sheet, booth set-up, etc. We will review it and send back a video with Jacqueline and Minna’s feedback. We know it is impossible to build a business in a vacuum and we are here to offer expert advice and constructive criticism to ensure you’re presenting your business in the best possible way and that you are on your way to building the business you want.



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This is for you if:

✔️ You are still in the idea phase of your business or you have started developing your idea.

✔️ You have not produced your product yet.

✔️ You are doing everything in your business and you want to work smarter to grow your business.

✔️ You are looking advice and coaching to guide you through the development stage and get you to production and eventually sales.

✔️ You are looking to build a customer list and warm audience you can eventually sell to.

✔️ You are looking for a group of business owners that “get it” and understand the highs and lows of running a small product-based business.

✔️ You are ready to become a profitable and thriving product-based business.

✔️ You are committed to showing up for our calls and supporting your group while making big changes in your business.

✔️ You are open to advice and coaching and are no longer willing to stay stuck in your ways.

This is not for you if:

You have a product produced and are ready to sell. Check out THE BUILD.

You are not committed to showing up for our calls and supporting your group. (We get things may come up, you are running a thriving biz, but we expect you to be there the majority of our meetings.)

You are not open to coaching.

You are not serious about growing a product-based business.

We want you to join us! Let’s build together!


Enrollment is currently closed for The Start.

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FAQ’s about The Start

Who is this program for? The Start is for new startup product-based business owners that are still in the ideation and development phase of their business.

When do we start and meet? Our Group Coaching will begin the week of September 18th and your call will be likely on Fridays at 11-12:30 pm EST. We meet 2 times a month for 1.5 hours to engage in supportive conversation about your businesses, development, strategies and goals.

Where do we meet? Meetings are held virtually via Zoom, a video conference app, so you can participate from anywhere in the world. We have had clients participate from all over the world. Calls are recorded in case you are unable to make a call.

Do I get business coaching? Yes. Your coach for The Start is Jacqueline Snyder, expert of startups, Founder of Designer Consulting Co-Op and Co-Founder of The Product Boss Podcast. All members are given the opportunity to have multiple “Hotseats” where Jacqueline will coach you with feedback, strategies, and ideas acting as a “visionary” for your business.

Who else is in the coaching calls? Your fellow members of The Start will be alongside you. Each participant will be a product-based business at a similar stage of business so that your group understands exactly what you are “dealing with” right now.


Hey There!


I consult and teach startup entrepreneurs who want to know the exact steps of HOW to start a product-based so that they can get up and running fast.

My goal is to help minimize the "learning curve" that comes with starting a new business. I will walk you though my proven method that teaches you how to design, develop, and set up your product business.

You will avoid costly mistakes and lost time because you will have access to my 20 years of actual hands-on experience and the knowledge and connections that come with personally starting over 1,000 clothing brands with my clients.

Join us so that we can build your business, together!

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DM us on instagram @theproductboss

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