for Startups to Million Dollar Product-Based Businesses


You are not alone.

If you’re ready to stop piecing information together from service-based coaches and start seeing real growth in your product-based biz - like more sales, visibility, profit, and time - you’re in the right place! Welcome, Product Boss! We have a place (and program) for each of you.


Our Programs are created and curated just for product-based businesses and we have incredible programs for every stage.

product entrepreneurs speak the same language.

Words like manufacturing, production, startup fulfillment costs, margins, inventory, and shipping - they're costly and not easy to understand unless you've been there. The struggle is real! We've seen lots of product entrepreneurs try to take service-based advice and make it work, but it doesn't work. 

Working with us, we're proud and humbled to say, we've grown our own very successful product businesses.  With 25 years of knowledge combined, we have been able to help thousands of other brands to start, grow, scale, and pivot their businesses to the next level. We give know-how and the next steps from real experience and expertise.  You will never feel alone again.


Select the program that fits your business… 


multi 6-figure to 7-figure

A true Mastermind among peers. A group of multiple 6-figure to 7-figure business owners, joined and facilitated by Jacqueline and Minna. Leading small teams (hiring and firing), systems, scaling and buying back your time are frequent conversations.


5-figure on the way to 6-figure

Our Signature Program - a unique combination of group coaching and masterminding. Designed for 5-figure product-based businesses that are determined to scale to $100k and beyond in the next 12-months with real action, implementation, and accountability.


4-figure (product in hand)

These groups include heavily coached hot seats and are ideal for product entrepreneurs that are ready to sell and take action. Rapidly grow your business to 5 figures and beyond within the next 6-months to a year.


idea to start-up (foundation)

Need help with the development and startup of your business? If you're in the idea stage of your product and haven't sold your product before, this foundational group coaching program is perfect for you. The goal is to support you while you develop and produce a "product in hand" with guidance and expertise every step of the way.


How would your life and business change if you surrounded yourself with fellow entrepreneurs who just understood the struggles of a product-based business?

How would it feel to take action with more focus and guidance from product experts who have been there? How would you grow from approaching your business plan with both creativity and strategy?

We've seen massive transformations and successes in our mastermind and coaching groups. Also, we believe, it's because of the power (and bond) of real group support mixed with creative guidance and expert training for product-based success. Why? Because at the end of the day, we need each other to help pull us up on the hard days and enjoy and celebrate with each other on our most amazing days. It gives us more out of our entrepreneurial journey and makes it more worth it.

our programs are NOW OPEN.

Find The Product Boss mastermind or group coaching program that best fits your business above. We would love to work to help you create the business and life of your dreams. Need help figuring out what program is right for you? Email to schedule a time to chat with us.


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