Let’s Plan for Success Together

are you feeling stuck?

do you need some help staying focused?

are you Uncertain of what to do next?

have big goals, but no plan?

Join us for:


It’s a virtual day with product experts Jacqueline and Minna looking inside your business to coach you to a Big 30-Day Goal, alongside fellow product business owners - we get it done together.

Your day:

  • 4 hours with JACQUELINE AND MINNA

• quick fire hotseats with Coaching from J+M

• built-in work session to create your plan with us

• 30-day versus 1-year planning

group setting with only product bosses

• 12-page planning workbook

IncludeD Worksheets:

• critical parts of a successful business

• in-depth look at pricing, revenue streams and goals

• how to audit projects + promotions

• best of Time management + business trackers



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You walk away with:

a 30-day action plan

with expert coaching from JACQUELINE AND MINNA


What’s a big 30-day goal you want to accomplish? That’s what we’ll be focused on for this day together with expert coaching and idea building.


We’ll help you break it down, work backwards, and identify real action items for a 30-Day Goal Plan with clear success metrics to get you motivated and keep you unstuck.


Let’s keep you laser focused on moving your business forward. We help get clarity through a solid task-driven plan you can execute on.


At the end of the day, you’ll also be assigned fellow Product Bosses to keep you accountable and to make connections on this island of product entrepreneurship.

*Sorry, enrollment is CLOSED*

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"I loved that Jacqueline and Minna saw the strengths of my business and focused on them, that they made suggestions as "customers" and helped me to see how small improvements can clarify my message and sales, and that they related on a personal level to the struggles and help that I need to succeed. I really respect and appreciate the work you ladies put into working with other businesses."

-Ann, Yearly Company

“I was feeling completely lost especially with too many ideas to sort out and after our talk, everything is clear. You've helped me come up with a clear plan to move forward with my product idea and I can't thank you enough! If people only knew how valuable only one session with you is, they would not hesitate. It can get lonely or confusing sorting out which ideas to act on and you helped that process become easy for me. I am eternally grateful to both of you.” 

julie, Nourish Nutrition

“Jacqueline and Minna were true experts. I’m coming out of it a different person.”


"Minna, the value of your words is extraordinary. I don’t think anything ever comes out of your mouth that doesn’t provide value. Jacqueline, you're totally on point. You not only know what the target is, you know how to get there quickly and efficiently. Thank you."


*Sorry, enrollment is CLOSED*

you should definitely get on our waiting list: