This is for you if...

  • You want more product sales. 

  • You’ve been searching for the right opportunity to grow. 

  • You love to take action, but you don’t like to be overwhelmed.

  • You’ve been looking for the right coach, who thinks strategically, but creatively as well.

  • You’re energized by the idea of like-minded entrepreneurs coming together and achieving big goals.



Two product-based experts.

Group coaching.

Exclusive Community.



how to grow faster.

One of the biggest things we’ve learned about growing product-based businesses is: the best way to boost growth is to create multiple streams of revenue. Not only does this produce more income, it also creates visibility, momentum and relationships. That's why our mastermind groups focus on selling. With this goal in mind, success is attainable and inevitable.

our masterminD: Multi-$tream Machine.

It's a 12-week mastermind + group coaching program that guides you through selling more of your product in multiple places, while optimizing where you’re already selling. It's a heavy-hitter combination of action and accountability. We get you there with laser focus and creative strategies - all alongside like-minded entrepreneurs who just get it.


our mastermind is currently ***closed***.

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"Success doesn’t come to you, you go get it."

- m. collins

What's included:



hot seat calls

These are 90-minute, bi-weekly calls held online. The "Hot Seats" are coached by Jacqueline and Minna and also given advice by their fellow masterminders. This means expertise on what's been successful and what to avoid - helping to shortcut your struggles and accelerate your growth. 



These are quick, digestible mini-trainings done via FB Live or Zoom led by Jacqueline or Minna during the Hot Seat Call off-weeks. We dig deeper into questions following  up on calls and giving takeaways. 


focus sheets

Our focus sheets are guided tools for tackling daily business processes. These include checklists for laser-focused tasks and big goal templates for strategic planning.


Closed Facebook Group

Exclusively for our mastermind, the closed Facebook group is for connecting, encouragement, additional support, collaborations, Q&A, announcements and updates. 


guest expert

There will be a special masterclass from an industry expert to go more in-depth on a particular topic. Masterminders give input on what they would like to dig deeper on, helping to push the growth of the group together.



It's amazing what you can achieve you have weekly goal-setting, accountability check-in's, and an inspiring group of supportive product-based businesses. Everyone seems to raise their capacity level. Goals and plans without accountability simply aren't as effective.

listen to our podcast episode on how masterminds can change your business:


“This mastermind was amazing. I’ve been in masterminds before, but none with this kind of connection.The group was so inspiring. Jacqueline and Minna were true experts. I’m coming out of it a different person.”

- Amanda, AmandaLouiseSwimwear


Invest in yourself and your business.

our mastermind is currently ***closed***.

> want to know first when it opens? Sign up below. <



"Minna, the value of your words is extraordinary. I don’t think anything ever comes out of your mouth that doesn’t provide value. Jacqueline, you're laser-focused and totally on point. You not only know WHAT the target is, you know HOW to get there quickly and efficiently. You've both created a safe space for us to be our most vulnerable selves while we explored the ins-and-outs of our businesses. THANK YOU."

- Mae, custom mae'd designs


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