This is for you if...

• You want more product sales.

• you want to tap into the power of the holiday season + q1 revenue. 

• You want more action, but you also need guidance.

• You love working strategically, but creatively as well.

• You’re energized by the idea of like-minded entrepreneurs coming together and achieving big goals.



Two coaches.

Action and accountability.

Product-specific inspiration.



the power of focus.

There are specific times for product entrepreneurs when growth strategies are especially important. This is the case for Q4 and Q1.  (We're even getting a little bit of a head start in Q3 with September.) We've found that when you tap into the buying power of the holiday season and leverage the "halo" sales effect - essentially running into the new year the strongest you possibly can, you can catapult your business to whole another level.

we're calling it: holiday to halo.

It's a 6-month group coaching/mastermind program where we focus on  the ramp-up to generate revenue during the Cyber 5 (the five retails days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday), also taking  you through selling during the December holidays. And, for Q1, we'll be pushing the additional loyalty purchases from customers from the "halo" effect and making sure your brand sets a lasting impression and a positive customer experience.


this mastermind is currently closed.

"Success doesn’t come to you, you go get it."


What's included:


hot seat calls

These are 90-minute, bi-weekly calls held online and recorded. The "Hot Seats" are coached by Jacqueline and Minna. This helps to shortcut your struggles and accelerate your growth in a group setting where great minds come together to work on your business. 


biz buddies

You’ll be assigned a fellow biz masterminder to have a coffee chat with to get to know each other’s businesses and make connections. It’s a great way to bond with each other outside of the calls and support each other in the ups and downs of your biz journeys.


Closed Facebook Group

Exclusively for each mastermind group, the closed Facebook group is our "home base" for connecting, encouragement, additional support, collaborations, Q&A, announcements, file uploads and updates. 


in-depth trainings

These are in-depth trainings via video led by Jacqueline or Minna. We dig deeper into questions/topics that come up in calls that need to be addressed more thoroughly and follow up with strategies to implement. 


office hours

These are monthly 60-minute sessions to ask questions to Jacqueline and Minna that might pop up in day-to-day business decisions in an informal setting. These "office hours" are a great way to co-work together virtually and to throw out (and listen to) some Q&A. 


live event included

Join us for an in-person mastermind on Sunday, November 4rd, 2018 in Irvine, California with Jacqueline and Minna for additional in-person guidance and next-level coaching. Optional attendance.


hear why this will be a game-changer for your business:


“This mastermind was amazing. I’ve been in masterminds before, but none with this kind of connection.The group was so inspiring. Jacqueline and Minna were true experts. I’m coming out of it a different person.”

- Amanda, AmandaLouiseSwimwear


Invest in yourself and your business.

the mastermind is currently closed.


/ /     One-time payment of $3000 or $600 a month       / /


Have a business partner?

It's an additional $250/month to bring in your business partner to work in the mastermind together.


"Minna, the value of your words is extraordinary. I don’t think anything ever comes out of your mouth that doesn’t provide value. Jacqueline, you're laser-focused and totally on point. You not only know WHAT the target is, you know HOW to get there quickly and efficiently. You've both created a safe space for us to be our most vulnerable selves while we explored the ins-and-outs of our businesses. THANK YOU."

- Mae, custom mae'd designs